Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Kele (Bloc Party)

Kele Okereke - I don't know if its just me who loves his new solo album. Admittedly, the cheesy choice of synth leads in many of the tracks gives way for critisism from many die hard Bloc Party fans - but I think the main reason I like this is because it mixes the catchy RnB type melodies and beat with the voice of a very talented singer who for once isn't being autotuned terribly.

heres a video of Kele on the Steve Lamacq sessions for Radio 6 earlier this summer

and heres a song that admittedly sounds VERY similar to Wileys "Wearing My Rolex", but give it a chance because this tune is seriously infectious

So the question is, what do you think of Kele's new album "The Boxer" compared to Bloc Party's stuff?  Personally i'm giving this 9/10 - the tracks that are good are brilliant - theres some on that album that don't really sit well and seem a bit half assed