Monday, 27 September 2010

Blind Pilot

This band are, in my opinion, one of the best folk/acoustic acts in the world today. Having heard they supported Counting Crows at a local concert I didn't manage to attend, I thought I would check them out to see what I missed - and I missed a LOT! Their beautifully written tracks on "3 Rounds for a Sound" include some of the most original acoustic guitar work i've ever heard. In my opinion, their album does not have one fault to it - each lyric is placed perfectly after the one before. Some songs are beautifully simple with just Israel (singer) and his acoustic, whilst others collaborate many different instruments. Music speaks better than words and I don't class myself as a good reviewer so i've posted 2 songs off the album and a track off the album that was played live. enjoy.

3 Rounds and a Sound (Live)

Go on Say It (Music Video)

One Red Thread (Album)

Official Website


  1. I'm into heavier stuff usually, but I can appreciate any kind of talent.

  2. Not my cup of tea. Nice blog though.

  3. thanks :) im into a bit of everything so im searching for some cool new electronica/metal bands

  4. portland, oregon in the US. Ive been asking them to come to the UK for ages now haha

  5. Awesome blog. music blogs are always fun. following. never heard of this band before but sounds like something i'd look into. thanks

  6. cheers, im trying to find some more :D