Thursday, 30 September 2010

Not really a proper post

more a suggestion that if you like drumming and any music from Blink 182 to A7X to Dave Matthews Band,

this guy covers it all!

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The Walkmen

Just found this band - all I can say is WHAT IS UP WITH THAT DRUMMING!?!?

how have I not heard of these before :O!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Kele (Bloc Party)

Kele Okereke - I don't know if its just me who loves his new solo album. Admittedly, the cheesy choice of synth leads in many of the tracks gives way for critisism from many die hard Bloc Party fans - but I think the main reason I like this is because it mixes the catchy RnB type melodies and beat with the voice of a very talented singer who for once isn't being autotuned terribly.

heres a video of Kele on the Steve Lamacq sessions for Radio 6 earlier this summer

and heres a song that admittedly sounds VERY similar to Wileys "Wearing My Rolex", but give it a chance because this tune is seriously infectious

So the question is, what do you think of Kele's new album "The Boxer" compared to Bloc Party's stuff?  Personally i'm giving this 9/10 - the tracks that are good are brilliant - theres some on that album that don't really sit well and seem a bit half assed

Monday, 27 September 2010

Thom Yorke (and Radiohead...)

This man is a genius - everything from his early demos as "On a Friday", to the latest album "In Rainbows" has styled the way I look at music - and just shows how dramatically a band can change from album to album, yet still seem to keep its fans wanting more and more. If any of you like Radiohead but haven't checked out Thom Yorkes solo album, "The Eraser", I strongly suggest you do!

The album is reminiscent of Amnesiac, Kid A and perhaps the mellow acousticyness of In Rainbows in places. The entire album was produced by Thom - most of it on his laptop and hence many of the songs are powered by repetitive basslines, drum machines and synths - giving way to him being able to loop, sample and recreate the same thing live - its fantastic to watch.

anyway heres a link to a studio recording and a live recording, enjoy :)

Black Swan (Studio)

A fantastic performance of Cymbal Rush on the Henry Collins show

he has also released some newer tracks (check out "Hearing Damage").

Official Site - good look navigating around on this one - its like Radioheads OLD site.

on the topic of Radiohead, whos looking forward to the new album? I saw one track off it live earlier in the year (Thom solo). Heres a review which sounds optimistic-(lol)

peace x


Wow, a few days into blogging and I seem to have a bit of interest :D Im glad everyones enjoying the blog, anyone recommend any bands they want to see on it for others to watch and feedback their opinions?

Explosions in The Sky

This band are really great - saw them live recently but didn't know them so well when I did. The 4 piece consists of 3 guitarists and a drummer - their music can only be described as atmospheric, like something you would hear on the soundtrack of some epic film. This song below is their best in my opinion and it goes to show how good instrumental music can be.

check out the band at



Blind Pilot

This band are, in my opinion, one of the best folk/acoustic acts in the world today. Having heard they supported Counting Crows at a local concert I didn't manage to attend, I thought I would check them out to see what I missed - and I missed a LOT! Their beautifully written tracks on "3 Rounds for a Sound" include some of the most original acoustic guitar work i've ever heard. In my opinion, their album does not have one fault to it - each lyric is placed perfectly after the one before. Some songs are beautifully simple with just Israel (singer) and his acoustic, whilst others collaborate many different instruments. Music speaks better than words and I don't class myself as a good reviewer so i've posted 2 songs off the album and a track off the album that was played live. enjoy.

3 Rounds and a Sound (Live)

Go on Say It (Music Video)

One Red Thread (Album)

Official Website

Friday, 24 September 2010

The Answering Machine

This band have been around for a few years and their debut album "Another City, Another Sorry" is, in my opinion, possibly one of the freshest sounding Pop Indie albums of the past decade. Everything about this band is incredible - each song is unique and brilliant in its own way.  The band have also just released their new single "Animals" which is available here

I'm gutted I can't post the entire album because its all fantastic - but here are two highlights for me.


Its Over! Its Over! Its Over!

Check the band out on:

Comment and give me your opinions on this brilliant band!


First off, im new to this whole blogging thing so bear with me!

I love music, all aspects of it (apart from RnB and Dance), and I also love listening to new bands, exploring new sounds and giving artists a bit of help to get noticed. On this blog, you can expect to see bands from all different genres that I personally believe deserve more recognition.

Feel free to comment and tell me more about your musical tastes and the bands that you like, whether they are headlining wembley or even in the local pub!